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Madoff 150 Year Sentence Poses Questions

The Securities and Exchange Commission investigated Madoff's business dealings on a few occasions, but always came up empty handed. The next sign is that the broker or advisor makes extraordinary or unusual claims about the "investment. The technique was not new, but it was the first time that it took such a scale and became big news. People want to believe in fairy tales;stories. The first and biggest sign of a scam is that a broker or financial advisor tries to steer you away from regular or traditional investments. Apparently, during questioning, DiPascali claimed that he modified investment statements for some clients to reflect losses to reduced their tax blow. And it also indirectly confirmed the probable veracity of the incredible returns he could provide.There was no sense of remorse on Madoff's part, as he stripped many of their life savings, leaving a trail of betrayal and shattered lives. Question Number Three: Certainly not money backed by Gold Bars! If I were to tell you I am a well-known and respectable hedge fund manager, and I am achieving exceptional results by using autistic mathematical geniuses to chart the market, would you believe it possible?After puffing itself with billions of troubled assets that couldn't easily be sold, Lehman camouflaged its debt and financial condition by using the accounting gimmick, the examiner appointed by the bankruptcy court revealed in a 2,200-page report on a yearlong investigation. Securities America and its former parent Ameriprise settled a lawsuit for $80 million filed over allegations that Securities America brokers had invested retirees' People should know better, shouldn't they?Marc Dreier Family\nwhat do you think

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Luxury Condos For Sale

This is an ideal investment method in the real estate sector. Many complexes offer different kinds of classes, kids play areas, sitting rooms, and health clubs. International buyers are showing an increasing interest in making investment in real estate in Miami. Well-Kept Common Areas Cleanliness is also very significant when looking for condos for sale.When these facilities get high traffic they are bound to pick up some additional dust, trash, and germs. Individuals who want to invest in real estate in Miami have several options they can explore to own valuable and yet affordable property. With recreational services such as pools, tennis courts etc. Condos often have a lot of amenities and benefits to those in them.Online database of condos for sale help you in easily finding condos for sale or rent that meets your needs of location, facilities, amenities and prices. Most condos are situated in scenic location like waterfront condos which is an excellent way to reside within a high quality region and that too without spending excessive cash. A Miami condo is just as spacious when compared to a detached home. The popularity is due in large part to the convenience it affords.You can find large number of condos for sale in Miami that are extra spacious and include all amenities and facilities. These condos offer a luxurious and comfortable experience. With so many families living in one area, it's significant to make sure some kind of system is in place to keep it clean. A Miami condo is the number one listing in the surrounding area.Miami Apartments\n miami apartments

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Roofing: More Than Meets The Eye

When in doubt, you can call a so-called professional, however, he would anyway do what you had done, checking to see if there is a big gaping hole in the roof. The first thing that would be done is to find the drip or leak from inside your house, and then gauge from outside where it might be. What should be done is if you think it might be in the seam of the roofing sheets is to use a waterproofing product to seal the seams. You would need to begin using the waterproofing product from the highest part of the roof all the way down the seam, as the water can just be dripping down the length of the sheet of corrugated iron or a beam.

Purchasing the right kind of waterproofing product is also essential as different roofs use different products to fix the problem. It is additionally essential to keep in mind that if you have made use of water based paint on your roofing that you would have to use a waterproofing product that would work with water based paint, and the exact same would go for oil based paint and waterproofing. The very best thing to do is if there is paint on the roof, a bit of light sanding and priming would be required for the waterproofing product to adhere correctly. Since not every roof is made of the exact same materials, you can not use corrugated roofing material on a clay roof to fix it; it doesn't make sense in the first place to do that.

Even though the porosity of the different roofing materials differs, they still keep moisture out. Clay tiles might look extremely dry, and appear that water can get through them. When it is produced, a waterproofing substance is added to the manufacturer's recipe.

Corrugated steel roofs might be less expensive and quicker to have installed, however, their lifespan if not maintained regularly, does not have a long life span. Slate and bitumen shingles have a longer lifespan than corrugated steel roofs, however, are typically a mission to fix if you don't know ways to do it yourself, and also that all the layers of the roof are directly on top of each other.Http://\nFor more Information go to

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A Gas Fire Place Do You Actually Need One?

There is a great number of preventive measures which should be taken during the inspection and cleaning process of a fireplace. See to it that all ventless gas fireplace fittings are tightened up firmly and completely extinguish the fire before cleaning. See to it the chimney is cold along its length.

Glass doors might produce tough stains from flames and heat. These stains can be cleaned by using a special glass cleaner available at ventless gas fireplace stores. In order to shine brass fireplace utensils and fittings, Worcestershire sauce and a toothbrush could be used. The firebox is the area where the logs burn. It should be cleaned at least once a week during the months where it is being used most. It is a great idea to leave an inch of ash while cleaning, as it works as insulation for the coals to heat up faster, and easily preserves the heat.

An exterior slate hearth can be made to shine by cleaning, drying, and coating it with lemon oil, while exterior brick hearths can be cleaned by making use of a brick cleaner available at a ventless gas fireplace shop. A chimney cap should be used to avoid damage due to water, nesting of birds, and carbon monoxide getting in the house.Cooling And Heating Dallas Texas\nDallas Cooling And Heating

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The Stories Of Celtic Jewelry

The most recognized piece of Celtic jewelry is the Ring of Claddagh. It is in the shape of a heart held in 2 hands with a crown on top. The typical version originates from Galway. The 2 hands represent friendship, the heart is love and the crown means commitment.

There are several stories that explain the origin of this famous Celtic jewelry. Probably the most romantic has to do with a Royal prince who falls for the daughter of a farmer. The woman was aware that her father would think that the Prince was only thinking about a dalliance. The Prince designed the Claddagh ring as an engagement ring to signify his devotion, love and friendship and proposed to her. When her father understood the meaning of the ring, he provided his true blessing. This reveals that absolutely nothing states "love" like Celtic jewelry.

An additional story has to do with Margareth of the Joyce clan. In 1569, she wed the Mayor of Galway after losing her first spouse. She used her inheritance from her first marital relationship to have bridges constructed to Connacht, benefiting individuals of Galway. To reward her generosity of spirit, an eagle flying overhead dropped the first Claddagh ring into her lap. This reveals that absolutely nothing states "thank you" like Celtic jewelry.

An additional version, perhaps the most historical, has to do with Richard of the Joyce clan from Galway. One day, he sailed to the West Indies on business, promising to return to marry his fiancee. His ship was overtaken and he was sold as a servant to a goldsmith in Algiers. He learned the craft from his Moorish master. When William III ascended the throne, he demanded the release of all British slaves from the Moors. The goldsmith provided Richard his only daughter's hand in marriage and half of his possessions if he would remain and with him. Richard decided, rather, to return to Galway and find his love. He took with him the first Claddagh ring which he had forged while working as a goldsmith. He gave it to his fiancee who had waited and expected his return throughout the fourteen years of his servitude and they were wed. This shows that absolutely nothing says "fidelity" like Celtic jewelry.

If this appears like a great deal of stories and meanings for one piece of Celtic jewelry, a little look at Irish history will reveal that this is only typical for Celtic jewelry.Bridal Jewelry\nFor more Info

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